Crushin on 1997 with Steve G.

Steve G. from Happened in the ‘90s and Over the Culture is back and ready to talk all things 1997, including a favorite hip hop album, one of the best Wrestlemanias, and more like Beanie Babies, Spice Girls, and Tom Cruise’s weird teeth. All of that and then some as we crush on the year... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1993 with Diandre Robinson

Diandre Robinson is never not busy whether it be hosting Mass-Debaters, doing drafts with the I Did Not Make These Rankings Podcast Network, or reviewing TV on Season 2 Season - he’s got a full plate, but was able to make some room for Crushgasm to talk all things 1993! From 'Living Single' to 'Monday... Continue Reading →

Meet Me Ringside, WWE Crush

This week has revolved heavily around wrestling. We had Stephanie Hardy of the Hardy Wrestling Podcast come through and talk about everything WWE, Gigi Dolin, and so much more. I also wrote this piece about John Cena and ‘Peacemaker’ for another site that’s launching soon that I’m excited to start sharing in the next month... Continue Reading →

Stephanie Hardy’s WWE Crush

If there is wrestling on you better believe Stephanie Hardy is talking about it because when she’s not busy with her Hardy Wrestling Podcast, she’s commentating on Women’s Wrestling Talk on Fite TV or working alongside The BellaDonna Division. With all of that going on, we were lucky enough to get a moment of Stephanie’s... Continue Reading →

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