This Is a Celebrity Crush


If it’s not apparent from past shows or posts, television will always be the form of media I crush on the most. Learning from Big Bird at three, looking forward to kicking off the weekend with Urkel, going there with ‘Degrassi,’ and scrolling through #DragRace whenever in season – all things not possible without the small screen, so when Dana B. Myers came to me with a celebrity crush that was from a TV show, I was thrilled. You’ll have to wait until later this week to see which HBO series housed her crush, but for now, you can read about a current celebrity crush I have from a little TV series you may have heard of, ‘This Is Us.’ Ring a bell? Well, sound the alarm because this is all about Sterling K. Brown.

First off, ‘This Is Us’ had one of the best pilot episodes – ever. I don’t know anyone who watched and was not taken aback by the time hops, skips and jumps that took place within those 40 or so minutes of showtime. So right from the jump I knew it was a show I’d continue to watch week after week, and I have, but it’s not just the amazing writing. It’s also the performances, especially Sterling K. Brown as Randall Pearson. There’s a reason he has several awards for this role in his home that include an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and a SAG statue. The man brings it as the adopted son of the Pearson family that went on to be the golden child, political, dad, husband, and best brother there is. Not to mention the best son. We all know he’s Rebecca’s favorite, right?

For good reason, and that’s not to say I don’t like Kevin. Justin Hartley is actually a crush from long ago when I spent my summers obsessively watching ‘Passions.’ Most soap operas are wild, but this one took the cake. If you can watch it anywhere, please do – for the laughs. Anyways, Sterling K. Brown always stood out to me and I think it’s because he was this Black guy in a primarily white world for so long. I wasn’t adopted and had a little brother by my side, but growing up mixed in an area where you didn’t have anyone to connect to, made me connect with his character from the jump. 

Talented, relatable, and obviously handsome. I cannot forget to give Sterling K. Brown his flowers for being so damn attractive. It’s everything from the voice to the way he carries himself on the show, and frankly – off-camera as well. And how can I move on without mentioning that smile? 

Oh, and even though I am talking about Sterling K. Brown because I was inspired to go towards the small screen this week, I can’t forget that he was in a movie franchise near and dear to my heart. No, not ‘Black Panther.’ While that movie is phenomenal, it’s ‘Angry Birds!’ Don’t ask me why this game I’ve never played turned out to be a couple of movies that I fucking adore. Just don’t. I mean, one day I’ll break it down but today is not that day. 

Until then, let’s just rejoice in the wonder that is Sterling K. Brown. 

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