Weaseling Weasley: The Harry Potter Crush

The books had made enough noise that my grandma thought that’s something Kendra would like. It took me .3 seconds to open the first ‘Harry Potter’ book, look at the weezlebubs and whosywhats, and think…yeah, not for me. With that, the rest of the series came and went, as did the movies. I never read or saw a single one. So it wasn’t until the last few years that I’d actually sat down and watched every movie with my guy, a Potterhead, and thought…okay, who knew redheads could get it? Our guest this week, Tezeta Gant – host of ‘Let’s Talk Fandoms’ and co-host of ‘Into The Tavern’ – shared about an array of Potter-crushes, including a couple of Weasleys we had in common so I wanted to shine a light on William Arthur “Bill” Weasley, the finest ginger after Conan O’Brien.

In the ‘Harry Potter’ movies, Domhnall Gleeson was just an attractive character amidst a sea of wizards and house elves. My eyes immediately clocked him, but being that I wasn’t that invested in the actor – I was unaware of who the fuck he was outside of this wizarding world. Um, he’s a hottie in ‘Star Wars’ as well? Not my favorite character in that realm, but quite the looker. However, do you know that if you dye a ginger’s hair…they can and will be that much hotter in some cases? This one included because he was unrecognizable in ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture.’

If you’ve yet to see this movie, please do. It may still be somewhere in the depths of Netflix. However you find it, just do it because it takes you to the start of National Lampoon. It’s not only an interesting as fuck story, but you learn that ‘Saturday Night Live’ pretty much poached their initial heavy hitters from National Lampoon. It stars Will Forte as Douglas Kenny and Domhnall Gleeson as his right-hand man (at first), Henry Beard. Henry’s jet black hair and larger-than-average glasses, my heart raced from the moment he appeared on screen. Then, of course, I had to Google and BAM! I learned it was the oldest Weasley that had stolen my heart not too long before. I was like, fuck…perhaps my crush on this Domhnall Gleeson is bigger than I thought?

So my ‘Harry Potter’ crush was intensified by a wig or some hair dye, but Tezeta’s are layered with wonderful anecdotes because she is someone who read the books annually, watched the movies, and knows this realm inside and out. Potter fans are going to want to make sure to check this one out, and if Domhnall Gleeson stumbles across this…and black hair works so fucking well on you.

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