Top 10 Animated Crushes from the ’90s

What’s a movie or TV show without a little crush? It’s a major plot point that isn’t just for movies featuring real people. Animated characters can have crushes just as big as the ones we have, and in the ‘90s – there were plenty. So let’s count them down! Here are the top 10 animated crushes found in movies and on TV in the ‘90s. 

10. Aladdin & Princess Jasmine 

Do you know how caught up on someone you have to be to find a magic lamp and waste a wish trying to impress someone you thought was cute? Aladdin was homeless and was like, you know what? I need to appear like I’m a prince to win this girl. Not like, hey…I need a home. Anyways, Aladdin’s crush on Jasmine is where we’re starting…

9. Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny 

The cinematic masterpiece ‘Space Jam’ had Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, AND Lola Bunny. She inspired many crushes back in the day, but it all started when Bugs lost it as soon as she walked onto the court. 

8. Simba & Nala 

Were they…related? That aside, you gotta um…root for a love between best friends that blossoms after years apart due to someone’s uncle blaming them for murder. 

7. Beast & Belle

As we discussed with D’Manda Martini, Beast has some iffy things about him. There is no denying that, but I also can’t deny the fact that his crush inspired MAJOR change within him, so that’s a win. 

6. Danny & Sawyer 

I’m just putting this here to encourage everyone who hasn’t…to watch ‘Cats Don’t Dance’ right the fuck now. It walked so ‘Zootopia’ could run. 

5. The Kanker Sisters & The Eds

You either know people just like the Kanker Sisters or you are the Kanker Sisters, there is no in-between. They fell hard for The Eds, and The Eds wanted absolutely nothing to do with them. 

4. Max & Roxanne 

He was willing to throw what was left of his relationship with his dad away for this girl. Damn. 

3. Doug & Patti 

Did y’all know when ‘Doug’ started, those kids were supposed to be 11? I went most of my life thinking Doug could only have those hardcore crush feelings for Patti at like…13-14. 11? I mean, I did want to marry Nick Carter at that age but it doesn’t make me feel less weird about Doug. Age aside, that was a CRUSH like no other. 

2. Daria & Trent 

Even the queen of being a downer had a crush! No one is immune to those feelings creeping up in them. 

1. Helga & Arnold

When it comes to the ‘90s and crushes, animated or not, Helga G. Pataki takes the cake. Homegirl had a shrine of her classmate in the back of her closet, carried around his picture, and treated him like shit. I like to imagine they dated in high school for a few months, and are still friends today. 


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