Counterfeit Crush: The Ways We Fake It

KiKi Maroon got me thinking about all the ways we fake it regarding crushes, and it’s not just the way in her case where she pretended to like JTT to fit in with the other girls in class. We also fall into faking personality traits, interests, and so much more to get the attention of crushes. There are also instances in my case where we fake not liking someone so that they never find out, reject, and leave you hating yourself. So let’s take a look at all the counterfeit ways we approach our crushes. 

Faking a Crush

So if you’ve listened to KiKi Maroon’s episode you know why she faked liking JTT and Patrick Swayze as a child, and I’m sure that’s a commonality for a lot of kids growing up under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Especially back in the day when it wasn’t as common to be out. I’m sure I went to school with more than a handful of kids who did the same. 

Faking Not Liking Someone

In my case, I faked not liking someone because I just didn’t want to be teased or embarrassed when they didn’t like me back. 

Being Mean to Them

A way to ensure your crush or anyone else will never find out you like them is to be a complete asshole to them.

Dressing to Impress

Oh, we’ve all been there. We pick a shirt we feel will get the attention of our crush. In the 2000s there were a lot of girls rocking skater brands that ain’t ever touched a board in their lives. 

Rocking New Music Tastes

The same goes with changing, or at least pretending, our musical tastes to seem cooler to those we like. Nate Jones talked about something similar in his episode. He wasn’t faking it but shared that he thought because he and the girl shared similar tastes in bands, it must’ve meant they were meant to be. 

Playing Up Your Euphoria Side

This means that your ass is out here saying this and that about shit you know nothing about to seem sexy as hell. 


This goes along with wearing certain clothes and listening to certain music, only takes it a step further because your whole ass personality starts to transform into theirs. In reality, only narcissistic assholes want to date themselves. 

Not Doing Things You Love 

Giving up on the shit you love to do what they want in the hopes that they’ll like you? Don’t. 

Being a Shitty Friend 

Dropping your friends to get with someone? Yeah, don’t do that either. 

Tinder Swindler that Shit

In the most extreme cases, you’d pretend to be the son of a diamond dealer while taking people for all they’re worth. I shouldn’t have to say this, but do not do that.

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