Counterfeit Crush: The Ways We Fake It

KiKi Maroon got me thinking about all the ways we fake it regarding crushes, and it’s not just the way in her case where she pretended to like JTT to fit in with the other girls in class. We also fall into faking personality traits, interests, and so much more to get the attention of... Continue Reading →

KiKi Maroon’s Counterfeit Crush

On this week’s episode the renowned burlesque clown KiKi Maroon stopped by to talk not only about her creative endeavors from stand up to streaming, but also two counterfeit crushes she faked to fit in as a kid. We explored the crushes, identity, and more!

The Other Side of a Counterfeit Crush

When I approached the burlesque comedian known as KiKi Maroon about a crush to talk about, the results were unlike anything that’d come through. She faked a couple of crushes growing up and that left me wondering, had I ever done the same? Had I ever pretended to like…even a celebrity to fit in? I... Continue Reading →

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