Signs Your Celebrity Crush is a Lifetime Crush 

It’s not hard to fall for a famous face. We’ve all gone down that road with a celebrity crush before. We’ll be watching something and BAM! We’re obsessed. However, not all of those fascinations last. Some can literally be for a season of a series, others can last a few years, and others…well, that’s why we’re here today. Those celebrity crushes that are so ingrained into your being that they go transform into lifetime crushes. How do you know if this has happened to you? Well, there are some clear signs that we’ll go over right now…

You Can Recall The Exact Moment You Discovered Them

If you’ve seen ‘Inside Out,’ then you know that when you make a grand memory, it creates this sort of island. That’s what happened the day you first laid eyes on your lifetime crush. It’s etched into your memory so hard, it’s like your founding hieroglyphic and shit. 

You’ve Taught Your Kids About Them

Those with children, this one’s for you. It’s not just a celebrity crush, it’s someone you’ve went and talked about so much your kids refer to them like they’re part of the damn family now. 

You Have One Friend In Which the Crush is All You Still Have in Common

You two may have grown apart over the years but this crush can always revert you two to the good ol’ days. 

You Own at Least One Random Piece of Merch You Can’t Let Go Of

For me, it’s a Nick Carter-shaped CD. What’s it for you?

They Make You Feel Forever Young

This crush will forever make you feel like when you first fell in love with them back in the day. Oh, to be 12 in 1999 again. I mean, I was a hot mess of an adolescent but the pop culture was top-notch. 

People from High School Associate Them with You…Still

The only time people hit you up from when you were younger is to tell you they saw your crush and that it reminded them of you…

You Still Acknowledge Their Birthday

Okay, so you may not celebrate it like it’s a national holiday but you do see the date and think to yourself, “Omg…happy birthday!” or you make a post about it…

Your Family Still Refers to Them as Your Significant Other

Not a year goes by that your family doesn’t remind you of how fucking obsessed you were with this celebrity. 

You Still Support What They Do

Even if you’ve outgrown what the crush does or they don’t do much, you still have to watch or listen to everything they do. 

They’re Your Ride or Die Crush

They’re that ingrained into your heart at this point that very little could make you think ill of them. 

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