Crazy Rich Movie Crush 

It’s hard to remember a time before COVID but alas, there was. Years prior to 2020 in which I didn’t know just how many grown-ass people around me were that freaking stupid. Oh, to be oblivious to the idiots again…Those years were also filled with so many instances of sneaking snacks into morning matinees. 

One of those beloved pre-COVID movie memories will forever be ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ Now, this walk down memory lane is all because our guest this week, Chelsea Collins, came through to talk about her movie crush – and her new single that drops January 21st, “Wish U Hell.” So I had to dig through my mental movie collection and having just watched ‘Eternals’ safely from home, my choice is none other than Gemma Chan. 

I have to start by saying there is absolutely no weak link when it comes to the ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ cast. When it comes to an amazing ensemble, casting directors should use that movie as a prime example. However, from the second Gemma Chan’s Astrid Leong-Teo came into frame, I was like, okay…now who is this fabulous human being? It’s not just that she is flat-out breathtaking. I mean, that’s a no-brainer. I could even go as far as to say she’s flawless, but that’s not only why Astrid was such a scene-stealer. In the middle of this love story going on between her cousin and his girl, her somber story played out. In the end, though, I think I can assume that we all cheered in her triumphant turn of events. 

This is what I assumed she’d do with this ‘Eternals’ movie, be a side character that stole the show – but to my delighted surprise, she was a top dawg. And while the movie had some things I was far from a fan of – Sprite’s whole jealousy storyline and Ikaris basically being the superhero most likely to storm the Capitol – Gemma was great! Her character brought such a subtle charm to the Marvel Universe that we don’t get often from their leading characters who are usually…more, well, a bit more abrasive, and always on like a class clown. 

We know for sure she’s going to be in more Marvel movies, but wasn’t there talk of more to come from the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ realm? I sure hope so because Astrid was a gift, but no matter what Gemma Chan does next – I’m sure her poised talent will be grand in whatever’s to come. And you know what? I sure hope I can catch them in theaters again one day because there is nothing like the big screen. 

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