Pop Culture Obsessed Artist Crush List

While Elisheba Israel Mrozik went to the Renaissance with her artist crush, I decided to stick with the style I love most and that’s pop culture. So if you haven’t checked out our conversation about Caravaggio, the lack of Black figures in art history, and more – head here. Then head right back here to check out some of my favorite pop culture artists I’ve come across over the years. 

Brett’s Art World

I’ve been an admirer of Brett for some time now. His work always catches my eyes because his bread and butter is mashing up pop culture favorites that are sometimes…well, a little out there, but always appreciated. 


Justin Orr has gotten my business more than a few times thanks to all the Tarantino prints he does. Justin…still waiting for ‘Jackie Brown!’

Ashly Lovett

As you can tell from what will follow, I do tend to lean more vibrant when it comes to art but I have to admit there is something eerily intriguing about Ashly’s work that has made me a fan. 

Steve Casino

If you’re nuts about pop culture, Steve’s the man – literally. Yes, his medium is peanuts and it’s fantastic. 


Steve isn’t the only one utilizing food for art. I saw a pancake demonstration once at Foodie Con, and from there was enamored with this style. How do they do it? I’ll never know but there is a whole Dancakes team of artists to be admired. 

Cuddly Rigor Mortis 

Kristin Tercek does a lot with food, which I love, but is also able to reimagine pop culture favorites in new and imaginative ways that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Peculiar Pieces

I’m not even a huge horror person, but Alex Vincent’s take on the genre is amazing and much appreciated by me. I just had to get his ‘Goosebumps’ meets ‘Get Out’ print! 

Nate Jones Design 

Nate Jones is a friend of Crushgasm, but that’s not why he’s on this list. I’ve been obsessed with his work for a very long time, and cannot wait to get his ‘Golden Girl’ prints. 

Erin Hunting 

When it comes to pop culture and style, Erin Hunting is one of my absolute artistic loves. A true queen of capturing the essence of a character and making it all her own. I can’t get enough – even though I already have four pieces of her work. I. Need. More. 

Will Terry 

When I saw Will Terry’s booth a few years ago, I pulled my wallet out faster than The Flash on Redbull. Pop culture characters as adorable babies? Yes, please. 

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