80s Crushes, The Musical Ones

When MTV first premiered back in the ‘80s, everyone said it killed the radio star but almost 40 years later…we still have radio, and MTV is nothing more than “reality” shows about teen moms and being catfished, Rob Dyrdek reacting to YouTube videos (…that we can just watch on YouTube ourselves…), and a myriad of programming dedicated to people who like to party everywhere from New Jersey to the Floribama Shore. It’s a dumpster fire compared to the musical haven it once was, so I’d like to go back to those days. Give Gen Xers a solid reminder of their 80s crushes who were delivered to their hearts via the small screen thanks to classic music videos that defined a generation. 

Jon Bon Jovi 

Pat Benatar 

George Michael  

Cyndi Lauper 

Michael Jackson 

Whitney Houston 

David Bowie 

Janet Jackson 



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