Every Elementary School Crush in the ‘90s…

It takes a very long time before we start to define who we are and what our individuality looks like. So when we’re kids we fall prey to the trends and just like what everyone else likes. Especially when it comes to who we crushed on back in the ‘90s. That’s when I and Wade Simmons were in elementary school and had a crush (or two), so we know…There was always a group of kids that were considered the cream of the crop. Everyone had a crush on them for one reason or another, and I have almost a dozen of those reasons below. 

Had Lot of Pogs

Did we know what the fuck to do with them? Absolutely not, but when your crush rolled up to the jungle gym with a long-ass tube filled with those tiny cardboard discs, your heart skipped a beat. 

Had Been on a Cool Vacation 

So…my family never had a legit family vacation you see in the movies. We never spent the summer in the car to grandma’s across the country, stopping at roadside attractions. Nor did we leave the country and come back with those “I just went to Jamaica” braids. I’m not alone in this. Other broke kids saw the cool, rich kids on the first day of school and thought – omg…HOW AMAZING. They went to San Diego! So yup, those kids who went away during breaks – they 1. Had money and 2. Were somehow cool because of #1. 

Rocked Parted Hair

No explanation needed. 

Wore Knee High Socks

‘Clueless’ was a moment and in that moment I wanted nothing but to rock knee-high socks. Unfortunately, I felt too large to be in charge of this fashion statement. Cool girls though, the girls the boys liked…they were in them. 

Talked Back to the Teacher

Why do we give our hearts to the rebellious kids? 

Did the One-Strap Backpack Look

If you wore it the sound way, you were a loser. 

Definitely Had a Pager

Looking back, this was probably the dumbest step in communication history. 

Had Their Own Phone 

However, having a phone in your room…shit, you were next-level. 

Was Ballin’ at the Scholastic Book Fair

If you could walk into the Scholastic Book Fair and get whatever the fuck you wanted, you had all eyes on you.

Withstood the Pain of Warheads

Being able to handle that sour ball of evil, that was a move. 

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