Crush Mistakes We All Tend to Make

This week we got to hear about a crush mistake singer-songwriter Aspen Anonda had pretty recently. She admitted that red flags were most definitely ignored and that she sort of romanticized this person. Which, those are only two crush mistakes we tend to make when we fall for a cute face. 

Ruin Notebooks

Okay, so this isn’t like an end of the world mistake…but do you know how much paper is wasted annually by lovesick individuals who think practicing their signature with their crush’s last name will somehow make the relationship become a reality? You know what, perhaps my generation went and fucked up the world the most because in the ‘90s I’m 100% sure we killed like 80% of the rainforest doodling about JTT. 

Make a Creepy Keepsake Box

Not everyone does this, or perhaps not everyone is willing to admit this mistake BUT there are times when your crush gets so intense, you can’t help but take their pencil and keep it in a box in your room for way too long. Then one day you’re 35, cleaning out a hall closet, and BAM! There it is. 

Hold On 

Whether you’re holding onto the crush keepsake or just the idea of being with them, neither is great. It’s normal to crush on a celebrity your entire life, but that kid in first grade who made elementary, middle, and high school hell? Yeah, time to move on. 


Imitation is the biggest form of flattery, right? We believe that so much so that when we have a crush, a lot of the time our initial instinct is to mirror what they do, like, eat – so that they’ll think we’re on their level, cool, and want to date us. Remember Girl at the Rock Shows thought this exact way when she ditched meat for her vegan, emo crush. 

Become a Pushover

Sometimes when you have a crush on someone – it’s too obvious. This isn’t a bad thing unless the crush then decides to take advantage of the situation and treat that person who adores them like complete shit. 

Fall Fast

Some crushes are a slow burn, others are like Sonic the Hedgehog. Those ones are the ones you have to be careful about because when you fall fast, you fail to know a damn thing about this newfound crush. 

Romanticize Situations

Aspen Anonda mentioned this one and yup, a lot of us do this. We put our crush on a pedestal, and they can do and say no wrong. We cast them in the fairy tale of our lives and can get stuck in Lala Land if we’

Laser Focus

When we’re stuck in the fairy tale, we can also start to lose focus on just about everything else we have going on in our lives. 

Lurk It Up 

Back in the day, it meant riding your bike the long way to pass your crush’s house. Today? It’s doing a deep dive on their social media accounts. Either way, it can cross a line into creepy territory real fast. 

Ignore Red Flags

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