The Marvel Crush List Even Thanos Wouldn’t Snap Away 

By now you really should have listened to AichiYume talk about her Marvel crush on X-Men’s Gambit and read about my love of Thor. I mean – those things are out and about. What have you been waiting for? Anyways, today we’re going to keep the marvelous content going with Marvel characters (well, the actors that play them) that I feel are too damn crushable to ever be snapped away. 


Who doesn’t have a crush on this…branch?


Some crushes are just pure admiration and like if I was a youth today – I would be 100% obsessed with being just like Zendaya. 


I love the bromance between Eddie and a hilarious, psychopathic symbiote. 


Tom Holland lip-syncing to Rihanna is really the only reason. 


I mean, you’ve seen Chadwick Boseman with your own eyes – right?


Not until that Disney+ series was I interested in whatever this dude had going on. 


Once a Goonie, always a Goonie! 


My favorite Marvel villain because he had a legit reason to be pissed!


One cannot watch ‘AHS’ and not fuck with his acting skills. 


All reasons can be found here

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