2 + 2 = Teacher Crush

Looking back on the people entrusted with educating me on this and that, I have only ever got hearts in my eyes for one teacher and it all started junior year of high school. 

With absolutely no interest in a science that involved math, I headed towards physics and never thought about chemistry again. Ironically enough, chemistry was all I wanted from the man standing in front of the classroom. Then this teacher couldn’t have been more than 40-something with an athletic build because he also coached tennis and for some reason was in better shape than every other coach on campus. I was 16 and wanted nothing more than to have an After School Special. 

This crush lasted well into the following year when I took his psychology class, and like I said in a chat with ‘Tough Titties’ host Shawn Jacobson – I 100% lied to sit right next to his desk all year. He wanted to put us in reverse alphabetical order. Meaning I’d be in the boondocks. So I, with my glasses, made up not being able to see from anywhere but the front. Did I think he’d fall in love with me if I was RIGHT THERE? At 17, your mind just ain’t right. At least mine wasn’t. However, sitting where I did I got to hang out with some kids I would never see at the end of the ABCs. Some anime nerds and a hardcore goth were quiet as hell most of the time, except this one instance that changed the course of this crush forever. 

Psychology was the period after lunch and being senior year, we could leave campus at lunch and eat at one of the many fine fast food establishments that lined the 10 Freeway. Well, there was this group of girls who took advantage of that often, and more often than that – they were late getting back to school. Meaning they’d roll up into class five or so minutes late. Not once were they reprimanded. Hot Teacher would just tell them to try and get back faster next time. That time never came. What did though, was unjust! 

The quiet kids I sat next to made one of those paper footballs and I think flicked no more than a few field goals before Hot Teacher went off on them. I wish I’d had the mouth I do now to tell him off, but timid ass 17-year-old me just sat there thinking, “You really let that group come in late all the time but then get on them for not paying attention ONCE?” 

That’s all it took. Hot Teacher may still have been attractive but he was off the crush list. I’ve since lurked him online and yeah, he’ll remain off the list because time has caught up to him and well, I’m clearly still not over him playing favorites and blowing up at my tablemates!

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