2 + 2 = Teacher Crush

Looking back on the people entrusted with educating me on this and that, I have only ever got hearts in my eyes for one teacher and it all started junior year of high school.  With absolutely no interest in a science that involved math, I headed towards physics and never thought about chemistry again. Ironically... Continue Reading →

Top 10 High School Crushes from the Big Screen

Now, these aren’t the all-time, end all be all top 10. Oh no, these are just my personal favorites from over the years that have made little homes in the nooks and crannies of my heart. From one of the first to put the angst of high school at the center of the action to... Continue Reading →

An Atypical High School Crush

Sometimes a crush isn’t on the person, but rather the idea of what they represent. This is the case this week as we head back to high school. Nicole and Sarah of The Homance Chronicles podcast discovered they crushed on the same guy back in the day and will talk at length about who could very... Continue Reading →

The Big High School Crush

Crushes during middle school are bumpy rides due to all the new hormones raging through your anatomy, but high school is a whole other story. The hormones have settled on an intense island and the idea of fucking is ALWAYS everpresent because you truly believe everyone but you is having it. Making your crushgasms that... Continue Reading →

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