Kendra’s Top 10 High School Crushes

Who doesn’t like at least one person in those four years that seem to take forever, but at the same time went by way too fast? Yup, high school. Having a crush during that time is a given, and for me – there were plenty of guys I had my eye on. Some of them sat next to me in class, and some were just plastered all over my notebook. Also, you’ll notice that real names aren’t being used. Back in the day (and even now) my friends and I gave nicknames to people. Some of these are the actual nicknames we’d used, and some are just ways that best described them…It’s not time to countdown my top 10 high school crushes. 

10. The Teacher

By the end of senior year, I wanted to fight this dude over clear favoritism but him catering to athletes and ASB kids aside, I was hot for this teacher. I even said I couldn’t see so I could sit in the front by his desk…I wear glasses and could see from anywhere in the room. 

9. The Teddy Bear

It didn’t take long during the first week of ninth grade for this tall as fuck looking teddy bear to win over my 14-year-old heart.  

8. Joel Madden 

As the angst started to settle in, I started to push my bubblegum pop to the side and obviously got very punk rawk by listening to Good Charlotte, and there was no one hotter than Joel Madden. Well, there was but for a minute – he was IT.

7. The Friend 

It wasn’t so much a crush in that I was obsessed with him, but he was a sweet friend who listened.

6. Kenny Vasoli 

The bleached blonde hair…the puka shells. Yeah, there are some crushes that really fucking date you! 

5. Ricky Martin 

No, not THE Ricky Martin, but I did think he was handsome at the time. However, there was a senior my freshman year that was this theatrical version of the singer that was drop-dead gorgeous. What he was doing in that town? I have no idea. 

4. Shaggy 

Probably the only reason I looked forward to theater every day that year. 

3. Seth Cohen 

I’ll say this until the day I die, it was impossible to be a teen in the early ‘00s and NOT be in love with Seth Cohen. 

2. Quinn Allman 

After Joel Madden exited, in came Quinn from The Used. I was 100% sure I was going to marry that man at the time. Like, you could not tell me otherwise. 

1. The Male Cheerleader 

He was this attitude-driven skater boi who wound up on the cheerleading squad with his girlfriend. Yes, I couldn’t stand her. Yes, I never talked to either of them in any lengthy way. 

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