Please Don’t Stop the Music…Crush: Garth Brooks

During a week where our crush focus is on musicians and the wonders they possess, I couldn’t talk about anyone else other than Garth Brooks. See, there is no real attraction felt towards this man physically. Not even in his prime did I look at him and think, yup – that’s my man! And no, not even Chris Gaines made me feel a certain type of way. Well, he did but all I felt was nervous laughter thinking, WTF is this? Nevertheless, when it comes to my music crush on Garth Brooks it is 100% about the absolute gems that man has put out since I was a wee toddler. 

Is Country music the genre I live for? Absolutely not, but at the same time, I’m not one of those people who write it off. Yeah, I can’t stand the Blake Sheltons or Luke Bryans of the world because frankly…I have confused those two on multiple occasions. Hey, they’re both tall white men who sing country music AND judge reality singing competitions. Of course, I can’t tell you who the fuck is who there. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t get them. Who I do get though? Oh child, give me Garth Brooks and THAT voice all damn day. 

You know, Garth didn’t sing the first country song I ever loved. That was Brooks and Dunn but as a kid, I remember hearing Garth here and there and being enamored with the way he sounded. His voice, to me, has and forever will be one of the greats. Not in the same regard as say Whitney or Mariah because let’s face it – those women are the tip-top of vocal ability. However, Garth is up there in terms of being a standout in what he does because even if you don’t like Country music, you fucking know THAT voice. 

There’s also something admirable about a man who dropped his first album the year Taylor Swift was born and still manages to dominate a stage. I’ve only gotten to see Garth Brooks one time, for free at Jimmy Kimmel, and let me tell you – that was a performance. I’ve seen artists half his age walk out and give 5% of what that man did that night. High energy from start to finish and guys…he was in his mid-50s at the time and he was running around like a 19-year-old pop star. I was in awe and fell more into crush mode. 

Being someone who spent their childhood in the boy band gold rush of the ‘90s, and later their adolescence at the start of the emo wave – it was easy to fall for a number of music makers. However, Garth Brooks is my music crush because it has and will forever be about the music with him. 

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