“Will They Won’t They” Crushes That Worked Out

For those who aren’t obsessed with television, a “will they won’t they” scenario is where writers spend x-amount of seasons building up the inevitable relationship (and sexual tension) between two characters. Sam and Diane of ‘Cheers’ set the bar for this back in the ‘80s and it’s really what drove many to tune in week after week. It’s also what led people to adore Ross and Rachel, hang on every moment Nick and Jess were together on ‘New Girl,’ and so forth and so on. Now we’re going to look at the top 10 will they won’t they pairings that proved that crushes can indeed work out (for the most part)

Ross & Rachel – Friends 

It’s clear that the ‘90s and part of the ‘00s were ruled by six white people living in apartments we know they could not afford on ‘Friends.’ It’s a pop culture staple that will live on in syndication forever, and that’s partly due to the always dramatic relationship between Ross and Rachel. I mean, you have to pretty much be heartless not to have an emotional reaction during that finale when Rachel walks through that door. 

Ian & Mickey – Shameless

Was Mickey a little toxic? Yes, but to be fair he was battling who he truly was but over time, he allowed his crush on Ian to blossom into more than just booty calls in the freezer. 

Mulder and Scully – The X-Files 

When the leads of a show are as gorgeous as these two, of course, fans are going to ship the fuck out of them within seconds of the pilot. From day one, viewers wondered when those two were finally going to be more than just coworkers and friends. 

Mindy & Danny – The Mindy Project 

Even after they mated and created a little human together, we saw them both live and love with other people. However, I think we all knew they were end game. 

Maxine & Kyle – Living Single

Mindy and Danny weren’t the biggest fans of one another, but that doesn’t even compare to how Maxine and Kyle treated one another on ‘Living Single.’ Their back and forth quips made their eventual hookup that much better. 

Jonah & Amy – Superstore 

Shows like ‘The Office’ set a bar for workplace comedies, and ‘Superstore’ came in, took some notes from it, and ran in their own direction. However, it was more than obvious Amy and Jonah were going to eventually get together BUT they didn’t wait as long, and eventually tore our hearts to pieces when Amy decided to leave. Seriously, this fictional breakup wrecked me. Thankfully (SPOILER), Amy returned and she and Jonah did get their happy ending. 

Schmidt & Cece – New Girl 

Nick and Jess always get the attention when it comes to ‘New Girl,’ but are we forgetting that as soon as Schmidt met Cece he declared he was going to marry her? Then he did!

Daphne & Niles – Frasier

Once upon a time, I did a series where I only watched series finales (regardless if I’d watched the whole run), and in watching ‘Frasier,’ I 1. Fell in love and 2. Knew that Daphne and Niles would wind up together but when I watched the whole series from the start I had no idea that it would take YEARS to get there. Like this wasn’t a few seasons of back and forth flirting. This was years of him being hopelessly in love and her being completely oblivious to the fact. 

Urkel and Laura – Family Matters 

Like Daphne and Niles, it took a long ass time for Laura to come around to Steve Urkel but unlike those two, Laura was all but in the dark about Steve’s love of her. He made it clear all the damn time. He even created a machine that made him cool enough for her to fuck with. Stefan, what a wild plotline. Only in the ‘90s. Anyways, it took until the end of the series for Urkel’s crush dreams to come true! 

Jim & Pam – The Office 

As basic as it is to place Jim and Pam on a list like this, you can’t deny that when you first take the time to binge ‘The Office,’ this relationship is fucking everything. Your heart aches at Casino Night as you scream at Pam from your couch, “WTF GIRL?!” but not as much as when Beach Day takes an emotional turn after Pam fries her feet off sans a George Foreman grill. However, when Jim finds that “medal,” drives back from New York City, and says “It’s a date,” I mean – that’s stunning TV no matter what you think of the show. 

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