Crushin on All Things 1990

Matthew Getic was the first person to ever appear on Crushgasm because he’s my guy and the easiest person to get to sit down with me for any sort of experiment. He came through initially to talk about his first crush and since then has been keeping busy with Happened in the ‘90s, a podcast... Continue Reading →

A Lifetime Crush Alone

That title is a bit misleading because I’m surely not the only one absolutely in love with Macaulay Culkin. Many kids grew up in the glorious haze of the ‘90s who dreamed of either being the boy wonder, or wanting to be with him. For me, it was a little bit of both. He was... Continue Reading →

‘90s Crush: The Whole Damn Decade

A couple of seconds in my home and it’s clear that the ‘90s have a tight ass grasp on my heart. Like I said during Steve G’s episode where he talked about his crush on Ashley Banks and Lisa Turtle, the ‘90s had the best of everything from fashion to television to movies and beyond.... Continue Reading →

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