Top 10 Random Celebrity Crushes

We’ve all seen those pictures of Chris Evans grocery shopping, Rihanna waiting for her car, and Ryan Gosling grabbing a coffee. That’s because celebrities – they’re just like us! Well, yeah. They’re fucking human and being human, celebrities also have their fair share of crushes, and sometimes they don’t make any sense to anyone but them. So let’s take a look at the most random celebrity crushes out there. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Larry David

It turns out that Jennifer Lawrence didn’t just fall for her Oscar, but also Larry David. She told Vanity Fair, “I’m in love with him, and I have been for a really long time.” Does it matter to her that ‘Seinfeld’ premiered a year before she even premiered in this world? Nope, not at all.

Carson Kressley and Jaleel White 

Who would’ve guessed the guy from the original ‘Queer Eye’ would have crushed on Urkel? Do you think it’s the power of Stefan?

Ariana Grande and Shrek

Having a crush on an animated character is nothing we haven’t seen around here before, but Shrek? Girl was sprung on the ogre when she was still just a teen and went to the premiere for the ‘Forever After’ and said, “Shrek was so romantic.. I have a new celeb crush.”

Diane Keaton and Justin Bieber

When you tell a talk show host about your crush on a pop star, don’t be shocked when said pop star walks out the back.

Jason Mewes and David Bromstead

I spent an entire summer absolutely obsessed with David’s show, so like – I totally get it but at the same time, anyone who doesn’t watch HGTV around the clock is probably like, who is Jay into?

Halsey and Bam Margera

Halsey is of a certain age where a crush on someone from ‘Jackass’ was considered okay, but it’s like your awkward phase. You try and forget about it. At least she admits to being confused by her former feelings.

The Veronicas and Steve Buscemi/Joe Pesci

They apparently have a thing for interesting older men

Jessica Marie Garcia and Max Goof 

While I GET IT, some may see crushing on Goofy’s kid as a little out there…like the queens from season 13 of ‘Drag Race’ who were confused when Denali admitted to crushing on Disney princes.

Drake and Aubrey Plaza

We wouldn’t even have guessed Jimmy Brooks to be an Aubrey Plaza fan since Jimmy was NOT feeling Ashley’s goth look, so yeah we’re a little surprised by this.

Lauren Ash and Geico Commercial Actor 

Hey, we’ve all been home sick and have fallen in love with random ass people in commercials that play on a loop, right?

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