The Ways Your College Crush Differs from a High School Crush 

Like I said Monday, there was something ultimately different about my college crush than the ones I spent the past four years intrigued by. With that, I got to thinking…just how Bella Maori’s story did because crushing on your teacher and thinking that it might be able to be a real thing isn’t too bad in college, it’s a crime in high school. So let’s get to more of these differences between a college and high school crush!


A lot of kids can drive by the time they wrap up their sophomore year, but most of the time they’re borrowing a parent or older sibling’s car. In college, they more than likely have their own vehicle and can whisk you away whenever you please. If you actually talk to them and aren’t like me. Well, aren’t like me in two ways – shy and unable to drive!

Marriage isn’t a Wild Thought 

Marrying your high school sweetheart isn’t the wildest idea on earth, but more people are less likely to question a proposal between two seniors who once crushed on one another in college than two 18-year-olds. 

Goals Are There

Let’s be honest, not too many of us are goal orientated in high school but your college crush, they are enrolled with a plan of action…most of the time. I wasn’t, but plenty of others are.

The Age Variations 

Bella Maori wasn’t physically attracted to her college crush as he was an older professor, but still – there was an age gap but as two grown adults, their romance wouldn’t have been that crazy once she wasn’t his student. 

Living On Their Own 

There is a huge difference between dating while living in your childhood bedroom and living on your own. So if your college crush happened to reciprocate the feelings, you could see how they lived and more importantly (to me) how they decorated a whole space. Which, have you seen how college guys decorate? I’m shocked. SHOCKED.

Sex is Fine

If you and your crush managed to make it to the point where you’re actually having sex…in high school, depending on your parents – that could mean a hell of a lot of trouble. However, when you’re in college, your parents have little to no say. 

Don’t Fully Know Them

This was something sort of interesting about my college crush. I’d grown up with so many of the same people that I felt like I knew, or could find out, a lot about them. College crushes come from every which way and you have to become an archeologist to find out what you can about them, or lurk their socials…

Broadening Horizons

One of my favorite things about psychology is the idea that when we’re younger most of our relationships are proximity based because well when you’re 14 and can’t drive – you’ll like and connect with whoever is closest. As we get older, we start to base those connections on shared interests and whatnot. So in college, you’re not only being introduced to a plethora of new people but new people who come from backgrounds that vary from your own, therefore – broadening the type of people you crush on. 

Void of Gossip

I feel like the idea of your crush hearing about you liking them through the grapevine is way less likely to happen on a college campus than on a high school one. 

Don’t See Them Daily

This is another thing I mentioned earlier this week. I only saw Cameron three times a week. Compare that to the five days with my theater class crush or hell, even middle school where we were together like seven hours a day. Three hours a week, that’s not enough time. I mean, it is to form a crush but when you’re shy…it’s hardly enough time for said crush to warm up to the weirdo across the hall from them. 

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