Crushin on All Things 1997

Steve G. from Happened in the '90s came back through to crush on 1997 with us and he did just that on this week’s episode. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so because we talk about everything from the Princess Diana Beanie Baby to the beauty of ‘Wu-Tang Forever.’ However, like with... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Holiday Crush Mixtape

Years ago I was fresh out of college with little to no skills, but there I was - in the real world with concerts to go to, so I started freelance writing. It eventually led to Golden Mixtape, my first creative endeavor. Those I interviewed were often asked to make mixtapes based on this and... Continue Reading →

Hello! This is Broadway Crush

Sometime before the school year began in 2001 we had to get our schedule. 9th grade. This was it. Only four more years of required education and how was it starting? With fucking theater…As a fat, shy kid who would rather chance being buried alive than have any sort of spotlight on them, I immediately... Continue Reading →

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