Crushin on Fashion Avenue in 1995

To say Barbie was a ‘90s toy would be well, wrong as Barbara Millicent Roberts came to be back in March 1959. However, despite having almost 40 years to her name before 1995, it’s this year that meant so much to me as someone who spent most of my free time engulfed in a life... Continue Reading →

‘90s Valentines You Gave Your Childhood Crush

One of the most stressful times in a kid’s life is Valentine’s Day. You KNOW that the classroom party is coming and you have to go through the 30-something paper cards and decide who to give which to because you didn’t want to rock any boat. You couldn’t very well give anything romantic to the... Continue Reading →

‘90s Crush: The Whole Damn Decade

A couple of seconds in my home and it’s clear that the ‘90s have a tight ass grasp on my heart. Like I said during Steve G’s episode where he talked about his crush on Ashley Banks and Lisa Turtle, the ‘90s had the best of everything from fashion to television to movies and beyond.... Continue Reading →

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