Marvel Crush: Sidekicks? More like Main Squeeze

As Shannon said this week, when it comes to the Marvel Universe Captain America and Bucky Barnes are basically the Batman and Robin of it all. Oh, wait…you haven’t listened to this week’s episode yet? Okay, well go do that by clicking right here.  Now that you’re back from listening, you can now take a... Continue Reading →

90s Con Crushes Delivered

If you grew up ripping pages from ‘Tiger Beat’ and painstakingly placing them on your adolescent walls in the ‘90s then you would have loved 90s Con. The first-ever convention of its kind brought a cascade of favorites together under one roof to celebrate and rejoice in the best decade ever. While there were some... Continue Reading →

Meet Me Ringside, WWE Crush

This week has revolved heavily around wrestling. We had Stephanie Hardy of the Hardy Wrestling Podcast come through and talk about everything WWE, Gigi Dolin, and so much more. I also wrote this piece about John Cena and ‘Peacemaker’ for another site that’s launching soon that I’m excited to start sharing in the next month... Continue Reading →

Looks Your 2000s Crush Likely Rocked

Every decade has certain aspects that make someone crushworthy. Take the ‘90s for example. If you were a boy with hair that was parted down the middle, you probably had everyone’s attention. So as far as the 2000s go, what made someone a 2000s crush? What aspects went into making you the hottest during the... Continue Reading →

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