Crushin on 1993 with Diandre Robinson

Diandre Robinson is never not busy whether it be hosting Mass-Debaters, doing drafts with the I Did Not Make These Rankings Podcast Network, or reviewing TV on Season 2 Season - he’s got a full plate, but was able to make some room for Crushgasm to talk all things 1993! From 'Living Single' to 'Monday... Continue Reading →

Diandre Robinson’s TV MILF Crush

Diandre Robinson is many things, including one of the hosts of the Mass-Debaters podcast, and he came through to tell us what’s coming up this fall on the show, and also to discuss the wonderful, wide world of TV MILFs including his TV MILF crush, the one and only Phylicia Rashad AKA Clair Huxtable from... Continue Reading →

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