Lala Loves’ Book Crush

Lala Loves is a bonafide bookworm who’s spent much of her life with her head wrapped up in the pages of her favorite books. So much so that this erotica blogger and sexual health/sexuality advocate decided to come through and share about her book crush, Wesley Rush from ‘The Duff.’ We talked about why this... Continue Reading →

Ep. 57: Shaleena’s Celebrity Crush

Shaleena may host the ‘Everything 90s Podcast’ but she is here today to talk about a crush from the decade that followed, her celebrity crush - Bow Wow. We dished about the cinematic masterpiece that is ‘Lottery Ticket,’ a fangirl dream come true, and of course - the ‘90s.

Shannon Parola’s Marvel Crush

When Shannon Parola isn’t running around after her daughter, looking for Funko Pops with her husband, or doing it up on The Game of Nerds, she’s watching anything and everything Sebastian Stan has ever done because he’s not only her agreed upon hall pass...oh no, Bucky Barnes is her #1 Marvel Crush.

Stephanie Hardy’s WWE Crush

If there is wrestling on you better believe Stephanie Hardy is talking about it because when she’s not busy with her Hardy Wrestling Podcast, she’s commentating on Women’s Wrestling Talk on Fite TV or working alongside The BellaDonna Division. With all of that going on, we were lucky enough to get a moment of Stephanie’s... Continue Reading →

 Natalie Schaffer’s 2000s Crush

When Natalie Schaffer isn’t being the coolest publicist on the planet at Big Picture Media or trying to figure out how to make a life work with Harry Styles, she’s thinking back to her first memorable crush from the 2000s, and that’s none other than Ryan Merriman. You know, the hottest leprechaun to ever be... Continue Reading →

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