Today We Laughed and Learned’s ‘80s Movie Crush

Kris and Deb are mothers, friends, and podcasters who found themselves so curious about the world around them that they decided to teach one another something new every week on their show, ‘Today We Laughed and Learned!’ We talked about not only their quest for and appreciation of knowledge, but also a shared love they... Continue Reading →

Kasey Box’s Reality TV Crush

Kasey Box was just like so many of us back in 2002; glued to the debut season of ‘American Idol.’ While the world was gifted with one of the most talked about shows of the early 2000s, Kasey walked away with a reality TV crush that is still going strong. We talked not only about... Continue Reading →

Hayleigh Kurland’s Leading Man Crush

Hayleigh Kurland, known to fans of ‘Writer’s Bagel Basket’ as the WIIFFEE!, is here to talk about not only that show but also her crush on someone from one of the most iconic movies of the ‘90s, ‘Casper.’ No, we’re not talking about Devon Sawa. Well, we did a bit. Nope, Hayleigh is diving into... Continue Reading →

Scott Grimes’ TV Genre Crush

We’ve had nostalgia and now a genre of television, we’re getting exploratory about what a crush can and does mean and this week we’re talking to Scott Grimes, host of ‘Totally Ranked’ and ‘People Don’t Forget,’ about not only those wonderful trips down memory lane, but also his crush on a TV genre that I... Continue Reading →

A TV Genre Crush That Goes There

Do you ever talk to someone and think, I think this person and I have to be related somehow? Well, that happened when I connected with fellow podcaster and host of ‘Totally Ranked’ and ‘People Don’t Forget,’ Scott Grimes. We’re both mixed, grew up immersed in the emo scene, and have a love affair with... Continue Reading →

Dustin Holden’s TV Character Crush

Dustin Holden has been a lover of television for as long as he’s been alive, but around 10-years-old he found himself enamored with a TV miniseries called ‘Dark Shadows’ based on a show that came out years prior, and on that show he saw Barnabas Collins. We talked about that TV character, the crush that... Continue Reading →

Harvey Laguerre’s Hall Pass Crush

Harvey Laguerre is set on spreading the love, as well as the message that it’s okay to not feel okay with his two shows; ‘Love is Black’ and ‘Men Are the P.R.I.Z.E.’ An extraordinary host who handles things alongside his hot wife on one and solo on the other as he dives into everything from... Continue Reading →

Mike Valdes’ Crush on Nostalgia

This week we’re celebrating our 100th episode with a very special guest, Mike Valdes, host of ‘Childlike At best with Mike Valdes.’ He’s here to talk not only about his show, but his crush on the idea of nostalgia. Find out why loving the past is like having a new crush, but also why we... Continue Reading →

Crushin on 1999 with Jon Reilly

Jon Reilly, host of ‘Life’s But A Song’ and co-host of ‘Movie Deja Vu,’ is back but this time we’re not talking Broadway, we’re talking about a year that includes a weird album Jon loved, a plethora of teen movies, a fashion icon from Flushing, Queens, and so much more as we crush on all... Continue Reading →

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