The Current Icon Crush List

It’s easy enough to rattle off a list of musicians that are icon crushes that we’ve been knowing, right? They have careers that have, in so many ways, influenced the basis of modern music. Whitney’s voice, Michael’s moves, Mariah’s chart-topping reign. Not to mention Madonna’s wedding dress, Elton’s piano, and Dolly’s well, Dolly’s everything. These... Continue Reading →

Jason Hendrickson’s Icon Crush

Jason Hendrickson has spent most of his life looking at Janet Jackson with hearts in his eyes, and for good reason - she’s an icon. With that, he’s here to talk not only about his icon crush, but his upcoming album release, his clothing line, and his books because like Janet, he’s got a lot... Continue Reading →

An Icon Crush with Range 

Some time ago I was introduced to Jason Hendrickson via an email interview we did together over on ZO Magazine. We talked about fashion, music, and more but what we didn’t cover then was his love for a woman who was more than a celebrity crush, she was an icon crush. You’ll find out more... Continue Reading →

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