Broadway Crush: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

If you read Monday’s post or have listened to this week’s episode about Jon Reilly’s Broadway Crush, Raul Esparza, then you know by now that this isn’t my area of expertise. I could probably get one Broadway question right on ‘Jeopardy’...during the week they bring children on to play. So when it came time to... Continue Reading →

Ep. 35: Jon Reilly’s Broadway Crush

Podcaster and musical lover Jon Reilly is here to talk not only about his shows, ‘Life’s But A Song” and “Movie Deja Vu,” but also his crush on the Broadway star, Raúl Esparza. We also get into ‘Riverdale,’ glitter, and of course...Cats.

Hello! This is Broadway Crush

Sometime before the school year began in 2001 we had to get our schedule. 9th grade. This was it. Only four more years of required education and how was it starting? With fucking theater…As a fat, shy kid who would rather chance being buried alive than have any sort of spotlight on them, I immediately... Continue Reading →

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