A Summer Workplace Crush 

If there is one thing I’m not, it’s a career woman. Perhaps it spawns from living in Los Angeles for 16 years and people always leading what, “What do you do?” instead of, “How are you?” It could also very well be that Maddy Perez is a spirit animal of mine as Ru once said... Continue Reading →

Another Year, Another Sexiest Man Alive Crush

For those who are new here, when my grandma went to live with my mom - I’d visit around the holidays and we’d go through People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue and play “Who Would You Rather Bang.” She’s since passed, but to keep her memory alive…I not only celebrate the smell of school supplies and... Continue Reading →

Sexiest Man Alive Crush 2022

It all started with my grandma and Thanksgiving years ago and last year I kicked this off via the podcast to keep the tradition alive. I’m diving into People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue to talk not only about this year’s pick, Chris Evans, but also a handful of my favorites from this year’s batch... Continue Reading →

Middle School Crush: The Bad Boys

Rachel McIntyre Smith found herself enamored as soon as a skater boy with nothing in his backpack but her middle school crush dreams, and it would’ve worked in her favor if…well, you’ll have to listen to how this singer-songwriter managed to fumble. Oh, it’s a story fit for the screen, and perhaps one day it... Continue Reading →

A Musical Middle School Crush

When it comes to a crush tale, I was absolutely enamored with what Rachel McIntyre Smith had to say about her middle school crush. The singer-songwriter fumbled big time but was in good spirits about it as we talked about the skater boy who stole her heart once upon a time. In hindsight, she was... Continue Reading →

TV Personality Crush: All The Comfort

Not too long ago we met singer-songwriter DiElle and talked not only about her new project, One Woman, One Guitar, but also her crush on ‘Blue Peter’s’ John Leslie. For those not familiar with the BBC staple, it is the longest-running kid’s show featuring educational bits and whatnot. John Leslie was one of the hosts... Continue Reading →

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